Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Begining of the West

   If you remember from my last journal I have many questions about the West. I still do, but not as many as I used to have.

For my major city I am planning to go to Hollywood. I want to go there because I heard many tourists go there. I also want to go there because of all the movie stars. I hope I see one. At least one.

After that I am planning to go to the Pacific Ocean for my body of water. I am planning to go there because of all its trade and resources. I hope I catch a big fish!

For my historical place I am planning to Alcatraz Island. I have heard that many notorious criminals have been there. I want to see how bad their lives were on the island.

After that for my land I will go to Death Valley. I heard it is the lowest place on land in the U.S.A.. I wonder what will happen if I spit from the top of the valley. Will my spit hit someone in the head and give them a concussion. Who knows???!!!

For my 5th and final place I will go to Hoover Dam. I am guessing it is very important because of it bringing lots of fresh water to many places.

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  1. Hey Zacharias,

    Great journal! I love the amount of detail you include. You really show that you have a focus for your research. Keep up the great work, partner! That last line was said with my cowboy accent, in case you were wondering.

    Mr. F.