Tuesday, April 26, 2011

West journal 2

 Well, so far I am loving this road trip. The first place I went to in the West was Death Valley. I learned that Death Valley is the lowest point in North America. Many people come to Death Valley every year to see the beautiful sunset and scenery. By the way, I did spit but I never saw it reach the bottom so I guess it did not work.

The next place I went to is Hoover Dam ( I am not sure about my order of going to places so if it is wrong do not make fun of me ). While there I saw that the dam had made its own lake called Lake Mead. I also learned that it brings lots of water to the West and Southwest.

Then I went to Alcatraz Island. This was the most fun part of my West trip. It was such a heavily guarded prison that only 3 people escaped. Even though they escaped they supposebly died on the boat ride back to San Francisco. The prison was very cruel but the food was considered good.

After that I took a boat to the Pacific Ocean and I saw why the Pacific Ocean is important to the West. It is important because it is easy to trade to Asia from it. It also supplies the West with many fish and crustaceans.

The fifth and last place I went to was Hollywood. While in Hollywood I learned that the West is very big in the movie business. Many famous singers, comedians, and actors live and work there. I even saw Lady Gaga while I was there.

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