Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midwest Journal 2

Well, my trip got off to a great start. First I started in Chicago. Then I went to St.Louis and boy, I had fun there. I also went to the Gateway Arch. Did you know the Gateway Arch symbolizes westwerd expansion? While I was in Missouri I decided I should also see the Mississippi River. Man, it was dirty! I can't believe people would ruin such a big fresh water source. I can only hope that not all of the river is like that. What a waste!

After that I headed to the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. I saw one of the biggest mountain carvings in the world there. It was of a great Native American. Then I went to the museum. It had many Native American artifacts and artwork. I had learned that they set up the memorial to keep Native American culture alive.

Then after that I decided to go to the Dunes of Duluth in Minnesota. The reason I went there was because it was a big tourist attraction because of its activities and its beach.And tourists = MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

After that I went to the Ozarks. I loved it! I went there to learn why it was important in the Midwest. I learned that it was a big tourist attraction and as I said before tourists = MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. while I was there I went kayaking and did many other activities.

Well thats the end of my second Midwest journal so BYE!

PS: I hope everyones trip is so far great.

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