Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Begining of the Northeast

If you read my first journal you know that I have been to the Northeast many times and find it very interesting. I find it either the 2nd or 3rd most interesting region. Now I am going to name some places I am thinking of going to.(They are not in order)

1. Gettysburg
2. Philadelphia
3. Niagara Falls
4. Freedom Trail
5. Ellis Island
6. Liberty Bell
7. Statue of Liberty
8. Fort Ticonderoga
9. Museum of Natural History
10. Washington D.C.

As you can see most of my places are historical but I am probably gonna have other places to go to.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Day 1
Bad news, my slave owner has sons and each son gets a plantation. One of the sons' plantation is known to torture us twice as much and probably kill us in the process. I have heard that all the people that try to run away from him get murdered. All I can do is hope for the best and try not to get sent there.The other problems are everything else. The rooms are tiny and I was separated from my family. I have made friends with another slave.Come to think of it, we’re all friends. We’re family. We help each other when times are tough and heal each others whippings. I just hope I can survive this situation. The only way that will happen will be if I do not go to the cruel sons’ plantation. If I do though, at least my family will be there (the other slaves). I really do not know what I am going to do. Stay or leave, I will probably get killed no matter what.


Day 2
Well that was a dumb mistake. My Mistress tied me to a tree and started whipping me. Right when I was about give up on life I said “ Old Mis’, if I were you and you were me, I would not beat you this way.” After she heard that she stopped whipping me and untied me. Cruel!!!! Yesterday one slave tried to escape and today he came back. There was one distinct feature about him though, he was DEAD! This plantation is scary. There is no knowing what will happen (besides the whippings). Tons of people are whipped every day. I am part of an everyday occasion. The part about me convincing her not to whip me isn’t an everyday occasion.


Day 3
Well it is almost as if everything I do is a dumb mistake. I got caught and lets just say I got whipped 40 times. Now it will be even harder to escape this rotten place. I will try again though. I just have to say that if I die I would l like the other slaves to know that they helped me so much throughout these tough times. The whip marks hurts even more on hot days when my sweat drips own and touches the marks. Ouch. I wish I was back in my homeland in Africa. This place is just so cruel. Every day there can be dangers and you will not know what they are or when they will happen. I feel so happy for the people that escaped and feel so bad for the people that died. Why does life have to be so hard in this rotten place!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southeast Journal 1

I have lots of background knowledge of the Southeast. First of all I now that all the Southern states seceded                 because they thought the northern states would abolish slavery. The south needed slaves because they farmed a lot. Then the Civil War started. I hope you learned a little by reading my short story. I do not know exactly where I am going to go but I will tell you a few of my choices.

My first choice is the Vicksburg National Military Park. I chose to go there because I have heard of the battle and it seems cool.

The next place I have chosen to go to is the Smokey Mountains. I have chosen to go there 'cause I have heard of it and would like to learn more.

For my city I have chosen to go to Atlanta. I want to go to Atlanta because I heard it is a great place to see.

Then I have chosen to the Mississippi Delta. It is a very big wetland and attracts many tourists so why can't I go there?!

For my last but not least I will go to the Kennedy Space Center. I would like to go there because I love going to and seeing museums.

Well I have typed all my ideas so I guess I will have to say BYE!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Southwest journal 2

I went to lots of interesting places in the Southwest. The first of those places (I do not remember the order) was the Colorado River. I saw the Colorado River and it was very big. The Colorado River is important to the Southwest because the Southwest is very dry so it is hard to get fresh water. It also is great for transportation and trading.

Then after that I went to Pheonix Arizona. While I was there I heard that because many people think of its scenery beautiful many tourists come to see its scenery every year. Pheonix also has many activities and museums to also attract tourists.

Next I went to the Apache trail. The Apache Trail was a trail used by Native Americans when trading with other tribes and moving. Now people paved it and made it a big trade route. Parts of it are now national parks.

Another place I went to was the Alamo. The Alamo was a big battle in the Texas Revolution. It was fought between the Texians and the Spanish. The Spanish lost 1,200 men while the Texians lost 260 men. The Texians lost the battle though because they had less men.

The last but not least place I went to was Land of the Red Rocks. The Land of the Red Rocks has a gorgeous scenery so many people come to see it. All the people that come to see it have to pay because it is a national park. All that money is good for the economy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Begining of the Southwest

Well now I am in the Southwest and so far it seems pretty cool. We watched a video and it turns out the Southwest does have cowboys. The Spanish were the SECOND people to settle in the Southwest (the Native Americans were the first). Well now that I got that down I need to figure out where to go. So far I think I know.

1. Colorado River
Why? It brings lots of water to the Southwest. It also is great for trade.

2. Pheonix
Why? My mom goes there at least 4 times a year so I would like to learn a lot about it (by the way it is not on the list).

3. Apache Trail
Why? I have never heard of it and it seems cool.

4. The Alamo
Why? I have heard of it and it is pretty cool so I would like to learn more about it.

5. Land of the Red Rocks
Why? I have no idea what it is so I would like to learn more.

So those are the places I am going to in the Southwest. Good luck in the Southwest everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

West journal 2

 Well, so far I am loving this road trip. The first place I went to in the West was Death Valley. I learned that Death Valley is the lowest point in North America. Many people come to Death Valley every year to see the beautiful sunset and scenery. By the way, I did spit but I never saw it reach the bottom so I guess it did not work.

The next place I went to is Hoover Dam ( I am not sure about my order of going to places so if it is wrong do not make fun of me ). While there I saw that the dam had made its own lake called Lake Mead. I also learned that it brings lots of water to the West and Southwest.

Then I went to Alcatraz Island. This was the most fun part of my West trip. It was such a heavily guarded prison that only 3 people escaped. Even though they escaped they supposebly died on the boat ride back to San Francisco. The prison was very cruel but the food was considered good.

After that I took a boat to the Pacific Ocean and I saw why the Pacific Ocean is important to the West. It is important because it is easy to trade to Asia from it. It also supplies the West with many fish and crustaceans.

The fifth and last place I went to was Hollywood. While in Hollywood I learned that the West is very big in the movie business. Many famous singers, comedians, and actors live and work there. I even saw Lady Gaga while I was there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Begining of the West

   If you remember from my last journal I have many questions about the West. I still do, but not as many as I used to have.

For my major city I am planning to go to Hollywood. I want to go there because I heard many tourists go there. I also want to go there because of all the movie stars. I hope I see one. At least one.

After that I am planning to go to the Pacific Ocean for my body of water. I am planning to go there because of all its trade and resources. I hope I catch a big fish!

For my historical place I am planning to Alcatraz Island. I have heard that many notorious criminals have been there. I want to see how bad their lives were on the island.

After that for my land I will go to Death Valley. I heard it is the lowest place on land in the U.S.A.. I wonder what will happen if I spit from the top of the valley. Will my spit hit someone in the head and give them a concussion. Who knows???!!!

For my 5th and final place I will go to Hoover Dam. I am guessing it is very important because of it bringing lots of fresh water to many places.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midwest Journal 2

Well, my trip got off to a great start. First I started in Chicago. Then I went to St.Louis and boy, I had fun there. I also went to the Gateway Arch. Did you know the Gateway Arch symbolizes westwerd expansion? While I was in Missouri I decided I should also see the Mississippi River. Man, it was dirty! I can't believe people would ruin such a big fresh water source. I can only hope that not all of the river is like that. What a waste!

After that I headed to the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. I saw one of the biggest mountain carvings in the world there. It was of a great Native American. Then I went to the museum. It had many Native American artifacts and artwork. I had learned that they set up the memorial to keep Native American culture alive.

Then after that I decided to go to the Dunes of Duluth in Minnesota. The reason I went there was because it was a big tourist attraction because of its activities and its beach.And tourists = MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

After that I went to the Ozarks. I loved it! I went there to learn why it was important in the Midwest. I learned that it was a big tourist attraction and as I said before tourists = MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. while I was there I went kayaking and did many other activities.

Well thats the end of my second Midwest journal so BYE!

PS: I hope everyones trip is so far great.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Begining of my Road Trip

I already know a lot about the Midwest( because I live there ),but I would certainly like to learn more. One of the things I would like to learn is more about its history. Did countries fight over who gets to have the land that now is the Midwest?

The region I will most like to learn about will be the Northeast because I find it the most interesting. I especially find Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. I find them most interesting because they are very historic and many interesting things have happened in those cities. I have been to New York City and Boston but I have not ever been to Philadelphia so I have MANY questions about Philadelphia like has it ever been used as a battleground in a war?

And the West, I have LOTS of questions about it. This is because I have only been there once and that was for two days so I do not know a whole lot about the West. I would especially like to learn a lot about the gold rush. How did people find out about the gold and how did people get to the gold?

And all those other regions, I do not not really care about them because they are not as interesting. I still do have SOME questions about them but not nearly as much as the West and the Northeast.

Well, this is the end of my first journal so to end it off I will say one thing. I hope I have a great time on this road trip!