Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Day 1
Bad news, my slave owner has sons and each son gets a plantation. One of the sons' plantation is known to torture us twice as much and probably kill us in the process. I have heard that all the people that try to run away from him get murdered. All I can do is hope for the best and try not to get sent there.The other problems are everything else. The rooms are tiny and I was separated from my family. I have made friends with another slave.Come to think of it, we’re all friends. We’re family. We help each other when times are tough and heal each others whippings. I just hope I can survive this situation. The only way that will happen will be if I do not go to the cruel sons’ plantation. If I do though, at least my family will be there (the other slaves). I really do not know what I am going to do. Stay or leave, I will probably get killed no matter what.


Day 2
Well that was a dumb mistake. My Mistress tied me to a tree and started whipping me. Right when I was about give up on life I said “ Old Mis’, if I were you and you were me, I would not beat you this way.” After she heard that she stopped whipping me and untied me. Cruel!!!! Yesterday one slave tried to escape and today he came back. There was one distinct feature about him though, he was DEAD! This plantation is scary. There is no knowing what will happen (besides the whippings). Tons of people are whipped every day. I am part of an everyday occasion. The part about me convincing her not to whip me isn’t an everyday occasion.


Day 3
Well it is almost as if everything I do is a dumb mistake. I got caught and lets just say I got whipped 40 times. Now it will be even harder to escape this rotten place. I will try again though. I just have to say that if I die I would l like the other slaves to know that they helped me so much throughout these tough times. The whip marks hurts even more on hot days when my sweat drips own and touches the marks. Ouch. I wish I was back in my homeland in Africa. This place is just so cruel. Every day there can be dangers and you will not know what they are or when they will happen. I feel so happy for the people that escaped and feel so bad for the people that died. Why does life have to be so hard in this rotten place!

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