Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southeast Journal 1

I have lots of background knowledge of the Southeast. First of all I now that all the Southern states seceded                 because they thought the northern states would abolish slavery. The south needed slaves because they farmed a lot. Then the Civil War started. I hope you learned a little by reading my short story. I do not know exactly where I am going to go but I will tell you a few of my choices.

My first choice is the Vicksburg National Military Park. I chose to go there because I have heard of the battle and it seems cool.

The next place I have chosen to go to is the Smokey Mountains. I have chosen to go there 'cause I have heard of it and would like to learn more.

For my city I have chosen to go to Atlanta. I want to go to Atlanta because I heard it is a great place to see.

Then I have chosen to the Mississippi Delta. It is a very big wetland and attracts many tourists so why can't I go there?!

For my last but not least I will go to the Kennedy Space Center. I would like to go there because I love going to and seeing museums.

Well I have typed all my ideas so I guess I will have to say BYE!!!!!

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