Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Southwest journal 2

I went to lots of interesting places in the Southwest. The first of those places (I do not remember the order) was the Colorado River. I saw the Colorado River and it was very big. The Colorado River is important to the Southwest because the Southwest is very dry so it is hard to get fresh water. It also is great for transportation and trading.

Then after that I went to Pheonix Arizona. While I was there I heard that because many people think of its scenery beautiful many tourists come to see its scenery every year. Pheonix also has many activities and museums to also attract tourists.

Next I went to the Apache trail. The Apache Trail was a trail used by Native Americans when trading with other tribes and moving. Now people paved it and made it a big trade route. Parts of it are now national parks.

Another place I went to was the Alamo. The Alamo was a big battle in the Texas Revolution. It was fought between the Texians and the Spanish. The Spanish lost 1,200 men while the Texians lost 260 men. The Texians lost the battle though because they had less men.

The last but not least place I went to was Land of the Red Rocks. The Land of the Red Rocks has a gorgeous scenery so many people come to see it. All the people that come to see it have to pay because it is a national park. All that money is good for the economy.

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